Don’t Forget!

The next Cancer Research UK Good As New Sale is 5 October 2024

Esher Sixth Form College, Weston Green Road, Thames Ditton KT7 0JB

Goods Drop Off: 8.30-10.30am on day of sale. No items will be accepted after 10.30 am

Drop Off Location: Main Sports Hall

Unsold Goods Collection: 6.00-6.30pm on day of sale. You must return to collect any unsold items.

Payment for Sold Goods: online bank transfer

25% of proceeds will be deducted from your total sales to support Cancer Research UK


TIME: 8.30-10.30am on day of sale
  • There is no need to register pre-sale
  • You must sign in using the name on your labels and provide your contact telephone number, email address and online bank payment details for your sold goods
  • Secure a label to each item: state your name, short description (inc. age range on clothing) and price
  • Do not charge less than £1 per item
  • Everything except large toys, furniture and equipment must be in A MAXIMUM OF 2 cardboard or plastic boxes
  • Please pre-label each box with your last name at the top of the label and first name underneath and attach securely with Sellotape
  • If you label them, then your box will be returned to you and all your goods will fit
  • Do not bring items in bags
  • We do not sell any car seats or helmets due to safety legislation
  • Large equipment should be placed in the Theatre adjacent to sign-in tables
  • You will be asked to carry your boxes of clothes, toys and books to the sports hall where a volunteer will unpack them


TIME: 6.00-6.30pm on day of sale
  • If you do not collect your own items, but ask a friend to do it, we cannot be held responsible as we are unable to monitor this
  • Large equipment should be collected from the Theatre adjacent to sign-in
  • In the main hall, boxes are laid out alphabetically, by surname, for collection
  • Check contents of your box in case anything with a similar name has been put in your box (it’s a long day and we sometimes make mistakes)
  • Lost Labels:  Unfortunately some labels drop off items during the course of the day.  At the end of the sale these items will be placed on a separate table that is clearly­­­ marked “Lost labels”.  When you collect your unsold items, please make sure you check whether there are any of your items on this table
  • Unseasonal/rejected items will be placed on a separate table – again check through in case you need to collect anything
  • Please take everything home with you, including the box


TIME: You will receive payment in the week following the sale
  • 25% of proceeds will be deducted from your total sales to support Cancer Research UK
  • All payments for sold goods will now be made by online bank transfer
  • Please ensure you leave your details with us, if you do not we will assume this is a donation to Cancer Research UK
  • Any questions post-sale, please email us



0-6 months

6-12 months

Children – Girls
1-2 years girls

2-4 years girls

4-6 years girls

6-9 years girls

9-13 years girls

13+ years girls

Children – Boys
1-2 years boys

2-4 years boys

4-6 years boys

6-9 years boys

9-13 years boys

13+ years boys