Grab yourself some bargains!

The sale is held in Esher College gymnasium and is open to the public from 1.30 – 3.30pm

Entrance is £2.00 which covers the hire of the hall
• Please bring change
• Accompanied children free

This sale is very popular and the queue is lengthy, but do not be put off as there is always an enormous amount for sale and spread over a large area! We generally have  300+ people put items in for sale

Esher College gymnasium is huge, plenty of room for children, but please be responsible for them

On entrance you will be given a bag or black sack to collect your chosen items

Equipment, furniture and bikes are in the room immediately on the left of the entrance
• Items can be purchased there and left for later collection
• No buyers’ pushchairs can be allowed in this room for 1st hour of the sale: they can be left in the entrance hall

Clothing, maternity, bedding and toys are in the main gym at the end of the corridor
• Everything in the gym is sorted into ages and genders
• The toys tables are around the room perimeter, generally organised into ages and types, with puzzles, books etc separate

Buyer beware, should you buy any items of higher value which might have incomplete parts please make a note of seller’s details (name and price), or take a photo of the label on your phone, so that any redress can be resolved post sale. We cannot check nor test anything prior to sale, so make a note of the seller’s name and price paid.

To pay:  go to the tills area, queue patiently and chat !

Hand over your sack. Labels will be removed to be added up, you will be given a coloured raffle ticket (matching one put on your new clear sack). Go and have a cup of tea and home made cake (all proceeds to Cancer Research UK) and return to collect your totalled bill and sealed sack when your number is called. Proceed to exit pay point by the entrance.

If you buy any electrical item, we suggest you make a note of the seller’s name, or take a photo of the label, in case of problems.  We cannot be held responsible, and we cannot help you if we do not have this information.

Don’t Forget!

The next Cancer Research UK Good As New Sale is on Saturday 10th October 2020